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Our highly-qualified team of translation experts has worked across dozens of industries worldwide, offering translation services for companies in the automotive, finance, medical and healthcare, tourism, and education industries, to name a few.

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Websites are an excellent way of reaching new markets and can act as a gateway to potential customers. We can handle your website localization, not only translating the text but areas such as currency, layout, and functionality too.

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Multimedia services allow you to use existing video content with actors and take it to a new audience. Our services combine translation with finding actors that can accurately portray your message and capture the essence and tone of the original actors and video.



The world’s leading multinational companies rely on eLearning and LMS translation services and solutions to most effectively teach and train international employees, partners, and customers in all languages.

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Software Localization

Software localization covers translation of the user interface, as well as specific changes based on the location and culture of various users. This can help your business to increase profits through increased sales of the product.

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Multilingual Survey

We have industry leading, on-demand translation technologies that accelerate the delivery of multilingual survey translation and localization while allowing our linguists to confidently translate your surveys 24/7 across all platforms.


To truly take your brand to a new level, you need an audio/video to text transcription service. Our fast transcription services can take any audio or video file and convert it into a readable body of text that consolidates all the information that is most valuable to your business.

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Desktop Publishing

Our experienced Desktop Publishing professionals will work closely with you, in order to provide you with fonts and graphics that will relate to your audience in an effective manner. Our Desktop Publishing services can, in turn, deliver such great value to our customers throughout the world.


Transcreation is a creative translation, it gives the translator working on your project some creative license. Transcreation goes beyond the usual translation services to give the content some life and appeal in the target market, for example, by adding cultural references and phrases.


Our advanced network of translators and linguists deliver content for more than 6,000 global brands in 100 target languages and 400 language pairs. We are fast, cost-effective and accurate.

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European Languages

Words matter. Words have enormous power. We create accurate and powerful localised content that truly reflects the diversity of each European region.

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Asian languages

Whatever type of document you need translated, your order will be served by a proper native Asian translator.

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Middle Eastern & African

We will customize the translation according to their different perception of foreign texts.

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Our advanced network of translators and linguists deliver content for more than 6,000 global brands in 100 target languages and 400 language pairs. We are fast, cost-effective and accurate.




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Great team to work with. They are always dedicated to get the highest level of customer's satisfaction .we highly recommend them to any successfull business.
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Roberto Godelli
Localize Group team is so great and friendly. they are always address our request and queries immediately in addition to humor sense and friendship spirit.
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Julio Pena
This agency is one of the best translation agencies we worked with. since they are providing us with integrated services.
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