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Why Website Localization

Why Website Localization

Website localization helps all different types of businesses achieve optimum reach, from fortune 500 to small and medium-sized companies. Today, all businesses are aspiring for wider reach and bigger opportunities. While the internet is turning the world into a melting pot, opportunities and challenges go hand in hand. Now people operate business globally from behind screens, with every interaction is a matter of clicks here and there. The question is, as a business owner or a marketing-concerned person, should you assume that with a powerful online presence only, you could reach out to people in the UK and China as well? (Two populations with completely different cultures and languages)

Do you believe that people who speak English as a second language will read your website and might as well use your services or purchase your products?  Well, the answer is Yes; they might feel comfortable reading about your products or services but most likely won’t convert or make a purchase unless they see you speaking in their mother language.


Do I need to localize my website?


Many people have a false perception of how popular the English language is. While indeed is popular, 73% of people surfing the internet prefer to shop for goods or services in their own language. While 74% would buy from the same brand if the after sales care is in their local language. Meaning that when you speak to your target audience in their own language throughout, you earn your business a customer that will keep coming back for more. Meanwhile, 76% of companies struggle with maintaining content accuracy in non-native languages. The aforementioned statistics give business owners and everyone involved a solid reason to consider relying on a Translation agency that guarantees the availability of native resources and long-term support if needed.



Seeing the numbers makes you think of how many potential customers you might lose if no sufficient attention is paid to where you stand and how your target audience conceives and interacts with your online presence? We will help you get your situation figured out.


What to consider before using website localization services?


It is fair to say that knowing where you stand is essential to decide whether or not it is beneficial to translate your website. We have listed down a few questions that will help you realize if you are in a position to consider website localization services.


Are you targeting audiences that speak different languages?

Is your website available in your customers’ mother tongue?

Are you planning to reach new markets?


If your answer is yes to any or all of the above, then deciding to translate your website is definitely the right thing to do.

So let’s assume that you now believe translating your website will help you achieve your business goals. Knowing which languages to translate to is yet another essential question to ask. Once you look at your target audience while keeping in mind how significant it is to speak to them in their own language, you are on your way for a website localization win. Looking up what languages are spoken in regions you are targeting helps you determine which language/languages you should add to your website.



Website localization cost


At this stage, you might be thinking that since localization has a significant impact on business, it must cost a fortune to translate a website. Translating a website doesn’t cost much, however, it depends on many variable e.g. volume and language pair. We have the answer to your question.

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