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Why Keywords Localization First ?

Why Keywords Localization First ?





Website localization is a great way to expand your website’s global footprint. It is a feasible way through which business owners can accelerate their sales and extend their reach. But, how could your target audience reach your localized content if they can’t look it up? That’s exactly where keywords localization comes to the rescue. Scaling requires focus and prioritizing. So knowing where to start is key to achieving a wider reach. Accordingly, starting off with Keywords localization helps you build relevant content and capture the nuances surrounding searchers intent anywhere on the map.



Keywords localization, can Machine Translation just do?


It is a common misperception that keywords translation is good enough for international Search Engine Optimization efforts.

Just because there is little to no context, doesn’t mean a machine will get it right. It is not only about transferring keywords from a given language into another. Keywords localization takes into account culture, searchers intent and relevance. It is more like a research journey. To get on track with international SEO, you need a native translator that can do the research in the target language and just act like a local.

For instance, machine translation for the word Car Insurance in French is “l ’assurance automobile”. If any marketer looks up this term in a Keyword tool, they would rather find out that it has a very low search volume. Simply because that is not how native French users would look up auto insurance. That’s exactly where efforts may go to waste. If you are planning to go international, sounding local to search engines is definitely paramount.



Keywords localizations, what needs to be done.


Here we have listed few bullet points to help you get started with keywords localization


  • Use vendors who are culturally aware and capable of securing native resources.
  • Confirm the quality of the localization agency you are selecting.
  • Have your localization strategy in place and make sure it is implemented by your localization partner throughout.
  • Start with keywords localization as an initial stage of the whole website translation.
  • Adopt a flexible mindset. Be open for possibilities. Embarking on localization can lead to developing a new persona for your target audience in a specific country. Along with that opportunities arise.
  • Do not eliminate options. At some stage, you may consider native copywriting to make sure your voice and message don’t get lost in translation.



Keywords localization, is it a once off job?


Now if you are involved in business, you must know how demanding SEO is. It is never a once off job.

Search Engine Optimization is a science that pretty much revolves around human behavior which is rapidly changing. Thus, maintenance is a necessity. A Translation Agency guarantees native resources and technologies that should facilitate your international presence. A strong brand speaks in one voice across all mediums and countries. As a Translation & Localization Agency, we have the technologies needed to ensure consistency of terminologies and glossaries. All of which makes your localization process smoothly repeatable across other copies you may need to localize in the future. At localize group, we are happy to help you implement your localization strategy. Just reach out to us anytime. We are here 24/7.

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