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Why Content Localization Matters

Why Content Localization Matters



Content localization is how you take your brand exposure to the next level. If you a marketer most probably you have been involved in a localization strategy and you would be aware of all the ins and outs. However, to many, content localization is a bit vague. Some might conclude it as merely translating from a language into another, which is not the case.

We are going to walk you through content localization meaning, how it is different from translation, its impact on business and how to go about it.


Content Localization, how it is different from Translation


First off, translation is the primary phase in any content localization project. While translation is mainly about transferring texts from one language into another, content localization takes the meaning to a whole new level.  It goes beyond words. Pictures, colors, and everything related to content is transferred into the target language, culture, and geographies.


Content Localization in depth


Localization is how you get to know your target audience cultural sensitivities, what gets to them and how they would perceive your products within their own culture. For instance, major brands realize the influence social media has on their brand image. So social media localization for them is paramount. All brand interactions happen to be on local pages on social media platforms. When we say local we mean local, so if you own an international business and are looking to leverage social media to your favor, it is a must to know what your international audiences are talking about. And the best way to get this done is through content localization. It is how brands stay true to their audiences and manage to reach optimal product localization. Yes, language is always involved. And products or services can be tweaked to properly address audiences in different areas of the globe.


Impact on business




You must have heard a lot of stories about major brands and might as well be thinking, what they have achieved through content localization is out of your league. Indeed content localization is always practiced by big brands. Nonetheless, it is still achievable for businesses from all different types and sizes.

Now everyone is talking money, so are we. If you have an E-commerce business for example and are looking to have your products available in different languages, content localization is what you need. if you are assuming that your audience whose second language is English will use your services, buy your products or install your software, you need rethink that. ” Can’t read won’t buy “was the reasearch presented by Common Sense Advisory. Statistically proven, 87 % of internet users shrink away from buying products or services that are not available in their mother language.

Accordingly, content Localization enables brands to accelerate their sales and global presence. By speaking your customer’s language, your products or services are out there for people in Malaysia and people in the US. It is the best way businesses can resonate overseas and increase their market share.


How to go about it


People around the world honor their mother language in many ways. Some even tend to refuse to speak in a language different from their own even if they master it. For instance, while the Arabic language is spoken by many countries, locales differ. Day in, day out we encounter clients who are seeking content localization for their marketing material, brochures or websites from modern standard Arabic to a specific Arabic locale. Yes, that how slight differences between locales from the same language can impact businesses and actually lead owners to invest in content localization.

We have been doing content localization for our clients in many languages and fields. If you are already thinking it is costly, the answer is no. want to get an accurate estimation of how much it would cost you? Request a free quote, we are happy to answer your questions.

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