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Marketing Localization & Business Expansion

Marketing Localization & Business Expansion

Let’s take a minute and define first what Localization stands for. It is the process by which products or services are made local to a specific audience that speaks a certain language in a particular geographical area.

A lot of business people now have a keen eye on future investments and global reach. Ambition to reach out and leverage all potential wins sparks up a handful of opportunities and new takes on things. While marketing is at the core of every business expansion, a very important set of questions pops up. For instance, is it worth it to consider localizing your marketing content? how content localization contributes to revenue and what are the possible benefits of considering and investing in localization?


5 Ways marketing localization helps expand your business



1. Breach new markets with content localization


It goes without saying that to reach out to new markets, you ought to first know how to speak to people contributing to that specific market. What gets to them and how they conceive your products in their own original culture, language and all nuances surrounding it. Does this mean that you need to speak a multitude of languages to be able to reach out globally? of course not, you need to first familiarize yourself with language service providers, know how to choose a reliable partner that can authenticate your identity and have it culturally evident for a specific market.


2. Marketing localization helps you uncover new potential as you go


Content localization gets you exposed to different cultures and reflections. Out of this exposure, you can tailor your products and services and even come up with new potential services that correlate to a specific audience. Meaning that marketing localization doesn’t stop at adopting your identity, it also paves the way for new fresh ideas. We wouldn’t be exaggerating if we say that MacDonald’s is constantly adapting to new markets, what you have for breakfast at MacDonald’s in the US is definitely not the same you would have in a random MacDonald’s in China.


 3. Beat cultural and linguistic nuances


The pitfalls of culture and language difference are countless. Many businesses, even global tend to fall short when embarking on marketing localization. For example, in 2009, HSBC bank had to launch a $10 million re-branding campaign to repair the damage done when its catchphrase “Assume Nothing” was mistranslated as “Do Nothing” in various countries. That is exactly where professional marketing localization comes to the rescue. Since it aims at grasping the right tone and overlaying meaning of phrases, especially in the marketing world. Localization is the only gateway to avoid falling under insinuations.


4. Go global, extend your reach


Your efforts to get your idea across will definitely be recognized by your audience and other players. Be it a marketing content localization, a product description or a website localization that you are after. All the time and effort you spend investing in localizing to a new market will not only pay off but also will also widen your scoop and mark you as a global player in the market.


5. Increase revenue through localization


Many businesses often fail to comprehend the crucial impact that localization has on revenue. Meanwhile, preserving business identity and notion is a priority nowadays. Likewise, marketing localization is all about maintaining the consistency of your communication throughout and having your audience trusting that at no stage would they feel confused or disconnected. Eventually, acquiring new customers translates to an increased market share and results in increased revenue. Intrigued to know how much marketing localization would cost you? Find out here.




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