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User Manual Translation

User Manual Translation

User manual translation, why it is important


User manual translation is very common in technical translation. let us first explain what are user manuals made for. They are constructed to ensure proper use of products and should provide a winning aftersales experience to customers. While the aforementioned is true, sometimes, user manuals can overwhelm customers and complicate the process instead of simplifying it.

How many times have you gotten lost exploring a user manual yourself? Especially if it is not written in your native language or, worse poorly translated. We all have been there before.

This is exactly why user manuals should be simple, comprehensive and above all, accurately translated. Therefore, if your customers speak different languages it is rather a must to have your user manual available in their mother language. Whether your product is home appliances, heavy lifting machines, medical devices or software, it is crucial to have your user guide and instructions clearly illustrated with no language barriers whatsoever. It is very unlikely for this type of service to be demanded by individuals, however many aspiring businesses demonstrate high interest in having their products easily accessible in different languages.




User manual translation, is it done by any translator?


It goes without saying that this service specifically requires a unique set of skills. Although indeed there are plenty of native freelance translators, there is more to user manual translation than just familiarity with the language and field. Here is how a translation agency is your go-to solution. Oftentimes, to have user manual translation done right, it further requires a translator with specific knowledge about a certain field. When it comes to translating software user manuals, for instance, it is a must that we make sure the translator has exhibited relevant experience or even a subject matter expert. User manual translation goes through several phases and sometimes must be reviewed by a native subject matter expert. In addition to that, by incorporating desktop publishing tools, a translation agency helps you have your user manual translation ready to publish and properly laid out.

Out of this emphasis on accuracy and consistency, it is fair to say that a reliable translation agency is the best option if you are planning to translate your product user manual. Dealing with a professional translation agency saves you time, effort and most importantly guarantees highly qualified resources, accessibility, and professional delivery.





Translation quality and accuracy


No one wants to be all over the place trying to figure out which button to click or how to go about using a feature in a given product. Therefore, Accurate and quality user manuals provide customers with a hassle-free user experience. There is no doubt that freelance technical translators are capable of providing decent user manual translation. Nonetheless, to guarantee quality, accuracy, and consistency, you need a translation agency that has access to qualified resources and technologies when needed. Ownership plays a critical role in the translation field. A single piece of work is not a once off job. At localize group, we ensure strict adherence to instructions, terminology, and glossaries. With translation memory aid, we are able to keep up with products updates and relaunches without deviation from the original style guide and set of related vocabulary. Want to know how we can help you? Feel free to leave us a message.

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