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Transcreation Meaning – Is it The Service You Need ?

Transcreation Meaning – Is it The Service You Need ?

what is transcreation


Transcreation meaning


Transcreation meaning is not familiar to many. It is a process through which a message is transferred not only from a language to another, but also from a culture to another. Meaning that transcreation takes into account message intent, context, and tone amongst many other aspects. As you know, language is human’s means of communication. Whether it is a speech addressed towards individuals from different countries speaking different languages, and holding different values, a global business promoting services to customers from different countries around the globe, or an organization that reaches people from different cultures and ethnicity, transcreation is how you safely convey a message to audiences from different countries, speaking different languages and holding different values.


Transcreation VS Translation, How to differentiate between the two


While indeed translators should be well aware of the culture belonging to their mother tongue and the languages they are translating into, transcreators besides that, are content creators. Their job doesn’t end at transferring texts from a language into another. They further twist and tweak literal meanings with no deviation to the original message behind the text. Transcreation in its essence requires, besides language skills, creative writing, copy writing and advertising skills.

So if you are looking to spread awareness around a certain issue in a place that is foreign to you, transcreation is what you need. It is how you address your audience’s values, culture and beliefs. Furthermore, art exhibitions are also another sphere that requires transcreation. As we all know art has a very versatile audience. The fact that art is always open for interpretations, makes it very critical to translate the words behind It. The way an art piece is described to Chinese attendees is certainly different from the way it is to Spanish ones. That is where transcreation falls right in place.

 Also, if Pepsi wants to accelerate their brand presence in China, their message would definitely differ from that one they used to address their audience in the US. when it comes to marketing and advertising, it is all about what people can relate to. And that is always shaped and influenced by cultures and social values, that is what transcreation pays a lot of attention to.


Transcreation is the service you need


It can be a bit daunting for people from outside the field to get their head around what every language service is meant for. Let us put it this way. If you are looking to translate your marketing or advertising campaigns, or culturally adapt speeches or correspondences to a global audience, it is no question that transcreation is the service you need. As long as you are delivering a message to audiences from different nationalities, cultures and backgrounds, transcreation is the answer.


Transcreation gone wrong


Even with big names, in a world of words and meanings identity gets lost in translation. We all know that Finger Licking Good slogan? well, the worldwide loved brand failed miserably when its slogan was translated into Chinese to Eat your finger out.

Another one is Pepsi, when their “Come alive with the Pepsi Generation” slogan was translated in Taiwanese to, “Pepsi will bring your ancestors back from the dead”. That one was catastrophic and offensive too.

Those are just few examples that show you what happens when you don’t know what exactly is the service you should be after. If you take your message seriously and want to deliver it across continents, get in touch with us, we know what it takes.

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