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Software Localization & Globalization

Software Localization & Globalization

What is software localization



what is software localization


Software localization is the process through which software components are translated into another locale, culture and to a specific target audience. The user interface and the software guidebook are adapted into another language, that process encompasses elements like currency, formats and images.

It goes beyond just localizing words from a language into another, so many other aspects are taken into account. Graphics, target market, even fonts are adapted in a way that is convenient to the recipient audience. Accordingly, software localization requires a professional translation agency that has reliable resources. Moreover, software localization is not a once off process. Here at localize group for instance, we have helped many software companies launch their localized software versions and are still helping them with every software update or modification.


Software localization, how it paves the way for globalization



software localization helps businesses with globalization


Software industry is indeed versatile. In this high tech world now, software systems are impeded everywhere. From large corporations, to random stores in the least developed countries. The fact that software market is huge and is everywhere around the globe, makes software localization a gateway for globalization. Software localization enables companies be present in regions across the world. Software products in general are meant to facilitate a lot of business operations. From simple transactions to high complex processes in large companies. That includes different measurements, currencies and other aspect that are language and culture bound. If a software business entity is embarking on penetrating new markets in different regions, software localization is a crucial step. So, if you got software localization done right, your way towards globalization is perfectly paved.


How to get started with software localization?


so if you are a promising software business and are looking to reach new markets in foreign regions, we are here to help you figure out where to start. First off, you need to select a translation agency that can guarantee native resources. Since software localization require a very high level of authenticity and continuous research, choosing a reliable translation agency is paramount. You need to make sure your software localization partner is able to provide glossaries and translation memory. In that manner, your software localization process in smoothly implemented and coherent with every software relaunch or update.

At Localize Group, we have exhibited the utmost ownership and professionalism in software localization. We work with a wide network of well-trained native resources with exceptional research skills. In addition, we use the latest technologies in the field. All of which enables to offer top notch software localization services. If you are on the look for a software localization partner, contact us, we are here to help you around the clock.



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