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Social Media Translation – Who Needs It & Why

Social Media Translation – Who Needs It & Why

who needs social media translation and why


We as consumers know how much weight is being given to social media platforms nowadays. If you go to a restaurant and don’t get the service or quality you are expecting, you react on social media. Whether it is a review or a random comment on a post promoting that place. Angry and happy customers make all the buzz online.

Social media has both supported and destroyed many businesses. As you read now you think of how many times you were willing to buy a certain product or use a specific service and immediately refrained when you checked their online reviews, right?

That is how far social media impacts consumer behavior.

So now if you have an international business or cater to consumers from different nationalities, how would you take advantage of social media exposure?  it is rather a must that you know what goes around your brand name. And since people speak their mind in their native language, social media translation becomes a key element in any globalization strategy.


Social media translation increases website traffic and sales


What is the point of having a website if you are not getting enough traffic to fuel your sales?

Now what is the point of having a multilingual website when your social media profiles are in English only?

Many businesses now realize the importance of social media monitoring and invest in content more than before. Unfortunately, some tend to miss out on a lot of opportunities when no attention is paid to social media translation. A medium of websites traffic comes through social media referrals. Whether it is through Twitter, Facebook or other platforms. People see content, like it, share it, pin it and become a regular visitor, customer or subscribe to a website newsletter. So if a website is available in 3 languages, creating 3 native social media profiles will definitely increase your traffic and as a result, your sales.


Social media translation helps you Better communicate with your audience


Localizing your website is a great initiative towards building a versatile client base. Speaking to your customers in their native language is great and all. Now think about interacting with your customers in their mother tongue. Not only will you gain more customers but also your retention powers will become stronger. Knowledge is power, that is what businesses get from social media translation. The more talks know about your brand, the more you get to effectively communicate with your audience, know what type of content motivates them to share and what are the tweaks you could do to your products or services match their needs.


Preserve your brand reputation


After all, no matter how great your products or services are, without being attentive towards what goes around your brand name, your brand reputation is not under control. For a social media strategy to be comprehensive, language translation must be included. Indeed, social media has opened doorways to international exposure. Nevertheless, for your hard work to pay off, you must take an interactive approach and constantly maintain your native presence online. This is where a professional translation agency comes to the rescue. Since people mostly talk in colloquial language on social media platforms, to have the translation done right, you need to rely on a professional translation agency that works with native resources. At localize group we have taken on social media translations for many platforms e.g. Facebook and Twitter. Reach out to us to know more.

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