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Language Translation Services Ins & Outs

Language Translation Services Ins & Outs


language translation services impact on business


Language translation services have helped many brands establish their position in different countries and regions. We have mentioned many times that businesses who cater to customers from different nationalities are ought to consider using language translation services. It is a comprehensive approach that helps businesses gain an international exposure and accordingly accelerate their sales and enhance brand presence.
Let’s dig a little deeper into how language translation services have helped brands, where it is used and how much it costs.


Language translation services help brands resonate


It is no question; language is involved in so many aspects that together build a brand.
That includes, products descriptions, newsletters, marketing campaigns, web content, social media posts and much more. For a brand to have all those elements available in only one language while their target audience speaks different languages, is a complete waste. It is 2019 now everyone is looking to be acknowledged.
That is exactly why translating products descriptions is essential if brands are aiming towards internationalization and are really customer oriented. It is statistically proven that customer tend to trust and buy from brands that speak in their mother language. That goes to show how much language impact customer’s decision.
Furthermore, translating social media messages takes brands image to a whole new level. It shows that this brand is keen on communicating with customers in whatever language they speak. That kind of effort really resonates with people. As a result, brand presence becomes stronger, client base expands and along with that sales are accelerated.

Language translation services cost


how much it costs to use language translation services
Now if you are already speculating how much does it cost to use language translation services. We are here to help you figure it out.
Looking at the positive impact that language translation services have on business and how translating web or marketing materials accelerates market invasions, some people might assume that it must cost a lot of money to use that service.

It is fair to say that translation cost varies widely, depending on the language pairs, field, volume and many other factors. Some languages cost more or less than others. Also the type of service/s you select determine the cost. If it is only translation, or translation, proofreading and review. Moreover, the subject matter is yet another important factor. Meaning that, general translation cost definitely differs from medical translation or any translation that requires a subject matter expert. At Localize Group, we rely on a wide network of native translators and subject matter experts. All of which gives us the luxury to offer high quality yet affordable translations. You can contact us to know how much it would cost you to translate product description, web content, or any other type of material. We are glad to help you around the clock.

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