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5 Factors To Consider When Selecting Translation Vendor

5 Factors To Consider When Selecting Translation Vendor

Translation Vendor


5 Factors To Consider When Selecting Your Translation Vendor


Choosing a translation vendor that can take on your hard work and make it their own is quiet the mission. Prioritizing what you are keen on the most is always a good place to start. Also getting your head around what translation is really about can help you know what exactly should you look for in a translation vendor. Therefore, we have listed down few factors that should help you better evaluate your translation partner.


 Verify that your translation vendor really exists!


As odd as it sounds. Yes, in translation business, you will encounter many virtual companies. They may have a website but their address is only virtual. Which means that most probably it is run by one or two translators with no project management capabilities whatsoever. Which is why you need to validate that the company has a structure consisting of in-house translators, quality assurance and vendor & project management department. if you are not willing to manage the translation process yourself, it is best to stay away from virtual translation agencies.


Reliable translation partner


Once you know how a professional, well established translation vendor should look like, it is time you start looking further. You first need to make sure that the agency you are about to collaborate with has been in the field for a good period of time. Furthermore, you need to confirm they have native resources and that they dedicate a project manager or more to be responsible for all deliverables. You might as well go the extra mile and confirm their quality first. By asking for some samples relevant to the field you are translating. Now that you are certain of the translation quality and are familiar with the company structure, you are halfway through the process.


Guarantees offered


The minute you are on good terms with the quality standards offered by the translation vendor you are selecting, you should ask about the guarantees they offer. Translation business is global. Meaning that while you might be somewhere in the USA, your translation vendor might be somewhere in Europe or Africa. Which means that you have the right to ask for privacy & quality guarantees. That is why here at Localize Group, we always welcome clients who are looking to sign a non-disclosure or a privacy agreement. Also making sure that your translation vendor employs a project management system that guarantees privacy to documents and personal information is vital.


Is your translation vendor keeping pace with latest technologies?


A yet another important question to ask. Nowadays, translation is not a word for word job. Software and technology play a significant role in the overall process. Starting from processing files to producing a final document. We at localize group utilize tools that are up to date with the latest technologies used in the field.


Communication is everything!


Trust is paramount, Especially in translation business. First time response is very important. Having a translation partner that is capable of communicating effectively every time you reach out to them is crucial. Also, suggesting partial deliveries can help you make sure that your translation partner is able to adhere to deadlines and deliver efficiently. Get to know us if you are looking for a professional translation vendor.


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