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5 Myths About Translation Services

5 Myths About Translation Services

Translation Services may not sound familiar to many. Some may conclude it as merely transferring a text from a language into another, while it really is a wider spectrum.  Although translation services play a significant role in nearly all types of businesses, in the field, we get to encounter many prospects who know very little about Translation Services and how it goes. Which is totally OK, however, it can be a little daunting when people develop false perceptions about the industry. Here we break down a number of myths around translation services and introduce you to the reality behind them.


1. Translation Services, not a necessity


Many people assume that it is rather a luxury to consider Translation Services. In today’s demanding world, it has become a major concern for businesses from all sizes to reach new markets. Could this happen without paying attention to the volume of different languages spoken by your target audience/s?  the chances are so little, therefore, working towards a globalization strategy goes hand in hand with using Translation services. Translation doesn’t stop at promising a wider reach. It is moreover essential in terms of validating legal documents, translating medical researches, websites, user manuals and much more.


2. It is costly to use human translation services


So now that we have moved to another misconception about Translation Services. This one is usually developed when people realize the impact translation has on business. They assume it must cost a fortune to use Translation services. Well, the truth is, translation does cost money. Although it depends on many variants, it definitely is not costly. We can help you cut the doubt and know more about translation services cost.


3. It is a must to know translators


So how do I guarantee quality and fast delivery if I haven’t communicated with the translator?

Many business people tend to believe they must know and meet with the translator to guarantee a smooth workflow and quality translation. Here is where reliable resources and efficient project management system come to the rescue.  At Localize Group, we have an entire department dedicated to choosing highly qualified translators to take on every job we assign. Moreover, a strictly secured project management system and dedicated project managers make sure every interaction goes smoothly. So the truth is, your guarantee to quality and fast delivery is a reliable Translation Agency that offers efficient project management system and implements an appropriate process.


4. Any translator can translate anything


This one is very common. So let me ask you this, can a legal translator translate medical researches? can a technical translator translate marketing content? Well the answer is definitely No. A legal translator is not the right one to handle medical researches. Similarly, a technical translator is not the right one for a marketing translation job. The truth is, translation is a long-term process that includes glossaries. terminologies and industry related vocabulary. There is no way one translator can translate everything. In reality, every translator we hire or deal with must have years of relevant experience and a well-rounded knowledge to a specific field.


5. Machine Translation can do the job


Machine Translation is indeed proven beneficial to many. Nonetheless, the quality of machine translation doesn’t compare to that one of human translation. How many times have you gotten lost in translation when you paste a text in an online translation tool? Let alone privacy, since a number of the online translation platforms rely on crowd-sourcing, machine translation is a huge threat to privacy. So if what you are looking to translate contains sensitive material, or is geared towards humans, machine translation certainly can’t do the job.

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