Localize Group is a certified company by the Australian Institute of International Standards and has been granted ISO 17100:2015 certificate.We are also located in the heart of Smart Village, which gives us a contact channel with most of the companies working on Egypt.

Email: info@localize-group.com

Phone: 00233372973 – 00237488967

Cell Phone: 00201095934732

August 2019

What is software localization       Software localization is the process through which software components are translated into another locale, culture and to a specific target audience. The user interface and the software guidebook are adapted into another language, that process encompasses elements like currency, formats and images. It goes beyond just localizing words from a language into another, so many other aspects are taken into account. Graphics,...

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    Language translation services have helped many brands establish their position in different countries and regions. We have mentioned many times that businesses who cater to customers from different nationalities are ought to consider using language translation services. It is a comprehensive approach that helps businesses gain an international exposure and accordingly accelerate their sales and enhance brand presence. Let's dig a little deeper into how language...

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  Machine translation is taking the world by storm. Now that we have acknowledged that, let's dive in a bit into how far machine translation has come until today. Back in old days, machine translation was notorious. It was below basic and offered nearly no value whatsoever. There are some instances where machine translation caused even more harm than good. For instance, " In September 2017,...

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