Localize Group is a certified company by the Australian Institute of International Standards and has been granted ISO 17100:2015 certificate.We are also located in the heart of Smart Village, which gives us a contact channel with most of the companies working on Egypt.

Email: info@localize-group.com

Phone: 00233372973 – 00237488967

Cell Phone: 00201095934732

March 2019

  Content localization is how you take your brand exposure to the next level. If you a marketer most probably you have been involved in a localization strategy and you would be aware of all the ins and outs. However, to many, content localization is a bit vague. Some might conclude it as merely translating from a language into another, which is not the case. We are...

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User manual translation, why it is important   User manual translation is very common in technical translation. let us first explain what are user manuals made for. They are constructed to ensure proper use of products and should provide a winning aftersales experience to customers. While the aforementioned is true, sometimes, user manuals can overwhelm customers and complicate the process instead of simplifying it. How many times have...

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Translation Services may not sound familiar to many. Some may conclude it as merely transferring a text from a language into another, while it really is a wider spectrum.  Although translation services play a significant role in nearly all types of businesses, in the field, we get to encounter many prospects who know very little about Translation Services and how it goes. Which is totally OK,...

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