Localize Group is a certified company by the Australian Institute of International Standards and has been granted ISO 17100:2015 certificate.We are also located in the heart of Smart Village, which gives us a contact channel with most of the companies working on Egypt.

Email: info@localize-group.com

Phone: 00233372973 – 00237488967

Cell Phone: 00201095934732



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We follow a unique workflow Procedures and process

Localize Group have appropriate processes in place for handling and analyzing enquiries, determining project feasibility, preparing quotations, and entering into agreements with clients.

Enquiry and feasibility

We analyze the client’s enquiry in order to identify the client’s specifications for the services and Localize Group’s capability to meet them, determining whether all the necessary human, technical, and technological resources are available.


Unless otherwise agreed with the client, we submit a quotation to the client indicating at least price and delivery details such as language pair(s), delivery date, format, and medium

Project preparation

We always cover administrative, technical, and linguistic aspects according to the project specifications of each translation project.
After receiving the source language content for translation, our project managers shall establish that it conforms to the client-Localize Group agreement and project specifications and, in case of non-conformity, shall contact the client for clarification.

Project Translation

The translator shall translate in accordance with the purpose of the translation project, including the linguistic conventions of the target language and relevant project specifications. Throughout this process, the translator shall provide a service conforming to this International Standard.

Get Ready-for-Print Product

Localize Group delivers the final output according to the client’s specifications, using the requested software. We deliver source, PDF and PostScript files to meet every desktop publishing need.

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