Localize Group is a certified company by the Australian Institute of International Standards and has been granted ISO 17100:2015 certificate.We are also located in the heart of Smart Village, which gives us a contact channel with most of the companies working on Egypt.

Email: info@localize-group.com

Phone: 00233372973 – 00237488967

Cell Phone: 00201095934732



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 Document Translation Services You can Trust

We use only professional translators in our document translation work. Our process requires that each translator work into his or her native language. This makes it possible to achieve and maintain native fluency for every communication. Because Localize Group is dedicated to the pursuit of quality, we insist that our translators share in that mission.

Areas of Expertise in Document Translation

Large translation projects are often complicated, so the team must be coordinated as a unit. Such projects involve editors, managing glossaries, frequent updates and revisions. For each such assignment, however, we follow a strict quality procedure. Changes are verified and double-checked for accuracy. So, for any subject or project scope–whether it’s legal, medical or technical–we’re prepared to help. Localize Group is ready to serve as your trusted partner in language services.


Localize Group has over nine years’ experience in website translation and localization. Unlike other providers of website translation, we offer a complete website localization solution that includes content translation, web-page optimization (for top rankings in foreign search engines), and database translation and management. Moreover, we provide maintenance and continuing support for all future translations. With Localize Group, your websites can be top performers in their respective markets, year after year.


     Software localization is a cost-effective way to bring your products to a foreign audience (and thereby increase your revenue).
    Localize Group provides software localization services from English to most other languages. Our translators are native-speaking, professionally translators and editors who live and work in their home countries. They have translation degrees and years of hands-on experience, along with a highly developed perception of tone and structure. Moreover, their skills benefit from the style guides, terminology databases and detailed procedures we’ve developed to ensure the superior quality that our name represents.
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